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Making the decision to hire an interior designer for your renovation project is smart. Not working with them in a productive and efficient manner isn’t. By learning a few tips on how to make the relationship go smoothly, you can avoid costly delays, a result that doesn’t please you, and a stressful process. Here are some tips that can help you get the most from working with an interior designer.

you get the most from working with an interior designer

  • Build a relationship- The more effort you put into getting to know your interior designer and allowing them to get to know you, the better you will be able to communicate and pick up on nonverbal clues.
  • Recognize them as your partner- Instead of you being in control or them being in control, consider the relationship a partnership where you collaborate on decisions. It really is true that two minds are better than one, as you can encourage ideas in each other that can lead to greatness.
  • Be available- An interior designer is going to do a much better job for you if you are available to answer questions along the way. Be open to regular communication, including phone calls, video chats, and in-person meetings.
  • Set your budget and relax- Trust that your interior designer will keep your budget in mind throughout the project. You don’t need to stress over every expenditure. That takes away from your enjoyment of the process and can cause delays.
  • Be decisive- When there are decisions to be made, make them and be comfortable with what you have decided. Making changes, delaying answers, and otherwise being excessively indecisive can result in cost overruns and completion delays.
  • Be flexible- This might seem to counter the “be decisive” tip, but what it means is that when you hire an experienced interior designer, sometimes you should sit back and concede to their advice. A good designer is adept at knowing what you want before you know you want it.
  • Be appreciative- Everyone loves to hear words of praise, so if your interior designer really knocks it out of the ballpark, don’t be afraid to let them know how pleased you are. Referrals are great, too!

At Freshwater Interior Design, we go above and beyond to help you get the most from our interior designer services. We have been creating stunning designs throughout greater Mooresville and surrounding regions of North Carolina for many years. We are passionate about creating a space that is both beautiful and functional, as well as have you enjoy the process from start to completion. Reach out today to learn more.