Kitchen Design Ideas for the Frequent Entertainer

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If you love to entertain in your home and you do it often, you are going to have different objectives when it comes to your kitchen design than someone else might have. Your needs can also differ depending on if your kitchen is the hub for entertaining or a place you or your catering team work behind the scenes as your guests enjoy themselves in other areas of your home.

One thing to consider in your kitchen design

One thing to consider in your kitchen design, regardless of which way you entertain, is having enough workspace areas for many people to prepare food at once. If your guests roll up their sleeves and contribute to food preparation or you have professionals there to do so, having a large island and various work stations will make that go much easier and avoid bumping into one another.

Seating is another feature to focus on when your kitchen design needs to accommodate more people. Instead of having just two to four seats for your family, you might consider extra seating around the kitchen island. Another thought is to have a room-length counter in place for standing guests to set their plates and glasses or to set up as a buffet.

More entertaining usually equates to the need for more storage space. You likely have more plates, serving vessels, utensils, table linens, food warmers, and other items than a household that doesn’t entertain, so your kitchen design should put a great deal of focus on having a clutter-free zone with plenty of storage.

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