Kitchen Renovation Ideas with Resale in Mind

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While most people consider a kitchen renovation for their family’s short-term and long-term appreciation and enjoyment of it, there is another type of appreciation that you might want to keep in mind. Value appreciation for your home is an important consideration whether you plan to resell in the near future or in the next few years. If you have an upcoming resale in mind, here are some kitchen renovation ideas you should know.

assistance with a kitchen renovation to get you the best selling price

  • Know current trends- A local interior designer is a good resource for learning what kitchen renovation features are getting the most attention. In addition, a quick conference with a real estate agent can be useful for finding out aspects of your current kitchen that might not go over well, as well as finding out how much you could increase the selling price with a well-planned kitchen renovation.
  • Pay attention to lighting- You need good lighting to show off your new kitchen design. With layers of light, your home showings will be more successful because potential buyers won’t be able to overlook or forget your home’s kitchen.
  • Pay attention to the details- It might surprise you how the smallest details can make your kitchen and home stand out in a potential buyer’s mind. Anything from a decorative lighting fixture to a unique backsplash or specialty cabinet hardware can draw their eye and let them know you are a homeowner who takes good care of the property.

If you are considering selling your home or want to focus on increasing resale value and would like assistance with a kitchen renovation to get you the best selling price possible, reach out to us at Freshwater Interior Design. We always take the time to learn what your objectives are during a design consultation so that we can help you achieve them. Call today to learn more about our kitchen renovation design services.