Luxury Full-Service Design Is All About the Details

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Achieving a luxurious space requires a greater level of care and greater attention to detail. If you are building a custom home or renovating it, even the things that feel like small decisions will likely have a significant impact on the finished results. Fortunately, you can turn to our team at Freshwater Interior Design to guide you through the entire process. We offer luxury full-service design to our clients in Lake Norman, North Carolina and surrounding areas, and we are prepared to make your high-end build or renovation project everything you hope for.

Luxury Full-Service Design Is All About the Details

Because luxury full-service design is all about getting the details right, we want to touch on just a few details that warrant careful consideration:

  • High-Quality Materials- The materials you choose for your interior design needs matter. High-quality materials, like hardwood, marble, and granite, are built to last for decades and provide the best value. They instantly elevate your space and give it that luxury feel.
  • Customization- Products from big-box stores, like cabinets, don’t really have a place in luxury full-service design. Getting your cabinets and other features made special for your specific home makes your space more unique and ensures each element belongs.
  • Lighting- The most beautiful textiles and finishes won’t have a chance to shine if they aren’t lit properly. If you’re doing a new build, make sure there are plenty of windows to let in natural light. If that isn’t an option, talk to your interior designer about high-end and custom lighting fixtures that will create the right atmosphere in your home.